Notes on delivering NMH support remotely


NEW: Effective Remote Support - Top Tips.

In light of the pandemic of Covid-19 we have put together a short guide to delivering support to your students remotely.

The guidelines from SLC are clear in that if your student is happy to receive their support remotely and it is appropriate then the session can be delivered via Skpe, Facetime, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or similar.

Please note that support via email is not acceptable.



A popular option to deliver support in this way is Skype.

Skype should already be installed on your computer but if not then download it here.

If you've never used Skype before this is a link to getting started and there are many videos on the internet - one can be found here.



An alternative to Skype and popular with teaching companies is Zoom. A tutorial is here.



Similar to Zoom but no need to download any software - visit whereby


Microsoft Teams

Yet another option is Microsoft Teams



When recording a remote session please select the relevant dropdown in the App or Portal.


Student Advice

The Amano advice for students is here


If you have questions regarding remote support please call the Amano team on 01822 600060